Professional Straight Razor Honing

Your razors will be honed to the maximum potential of the blade.

Typical honing progression will be:

  • Bevel set on a high quality 1K artificial hone
  • One stone honing on natural stone (i.e. La Veinette/La Dressante Coticule/ Jnat Nakayama kiita, asagi or karasu/ Frankonian) through the whole progression
  • Endfinishing with Jnat (i.e. Ao renge suita, Nakayama, etc.), yellow-green/ blue-green Thuringian Hone, Troutstone, translucent or black Arkansas

Optional endfinishing on high end finishers depending on blade profile or steel quality or on customers demand.

Razors will be cleaned and pins tightened up for no additional charge.

Price will be 19,50 € per razor plus return shipping with certified mail.

Restoration services and custom handles are separatly charged. Please ask for a price with your specific items on the contact formular.

Please send your razors to the following adress:

Peter Buhlmann
Schellenbergstr. 2
61389 Schmitten