About us

On our pages you will find goodies from old-times in wet shaving, old craftsmanship and tools. We also offer grinding and sharpening of knifes, scissors, tools and everything else that needs to be sharpenened in our historical grinding workshop.
We are dealing for more than 10 years with the sharpening of knifes, tools and straight razors. Our main areas of interest are the exploration and documentation of old grinding and sharpening technologies as well as research on the old Thuringian and Franconian whetstone quarries and the conservation of the old craftsmanship of straight razor grinding.
We are focused on sharpening and honing stones predominantly from Germany and Belgium and other European countries as well as vintage (restored) straight razors.
If you are looking for something special that is not on our website right now, please feel free to contact us via the form " Contact " or send an email. Hopefully we can help ! If you look for information about the history of vintage whetstone mining or razor grinding you may also give us a short notice.
Thank's for looking!

Peter Buhlmann (Hatzicho)