La Lorraine - Rouge du Salm

These stones are from the Lorraine layer of the original Coticule mines in the area around Salmchateau/Vielsalm in Belgium. They are not identically with the Belgian Blue Whetstones, but represent an own layer within the coticule quarries. Another name for the stones is Rouge du Salm.

From the qualities like honing speed and fineness they are somewhere in between between the BBW and the average Coticule.

La Lorraine whetstones are suitable very well for honing fine knives and straight razors. They are fast and generate a sharp but smooth edge which is capable for a shave withou further endfinishing.

The stones offered are from an old stock of a tool and hardware shop in Belgium which existed till around the 1950s.


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La Lorraine 7"

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La Lorraine 5.5 x 2.5"

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La Lorraine 10"

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La Lorraine 8"

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La Lorraine 10"

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La Lorraine 8"

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