In older times, the Levant stones have also also mined in the old Coticule quarries in the area around Salmchateau/Vielsalm in Belgium. They already appear in old literature under the name Pierre dite Levant.

These are a little coarser stones which were used mostly for sharpening tools in older times.

However, they are also capable for honing straight razors from bevel setting through the progression. The use of oil during finishing gives a sharp and smooth edge that is capable for shaving.

The Levant stones are not mined any more today, because they don't appear in Ol'Preu and Regné, the current quarries of Ardennes Coticule. M. Celis from Ardennes Coticule told me that the Levant stones were quarried exclusively in the most eastern located quarry Thier du Mont in former times. Hence the name "Levant".

The stones offered are from an old stock of a tool and hardware shop in Belgium which existed till around the 1950s.