Carl Friedrich Ern

Carl Friedrich Ern is a sonorous name in Solingen. He was born in 1850 as the son of a grinder dynasty and was to become the pioneer not only of the razor industry in Solingen, but also in terms of industrialization within the Solingen cuttlery industry. From an early age, he was engaged in pure activity as a grinder with possibilities and concepts for rationalizing the work and decomposing it into partial steps. He simplified the partial steps to such an extent that no highly specialized skilled workers were needed to produce the cutlery. As a result, production became cheaper, which also sustainably favoured the upswing of the Solingen cutlery industry. In addition, he also develops machines, such as a semi-automatic grinding machine for hollow grinding of straight razors or the still-known razor honing machine, which should make work easier and more economical.


Carl Friedrich learned the razor-grinding craftmanship from his father. In 1873 he began the production of straight razors in the Ernenkotten. In 1893, the aforementioned razor grinding machine was patented. This machine, which by the way is not identical to the hollow grinding machines that still exist today, had a weight of more than 1.5 to and had been equipped in the final version with 4 electric motors to drive the grinding axes and the feed forward. It is said that up to 1000 razors per day could be hollow-grinded with this machine.

The most famous factory signs of the company C. F. Ern are the eagle with snake and the crown and sword symbol.