Special Limited Edition 1948 - 2018

Werner Breidenbach Razor

Special Edition

1948 – 2018

70 Years Straight Razor Grinding



In 1948 Werner Breidenbach began his apprenticeship at Paul Drees company in Solingen. He was to remain loyal to this company as straight razor grinder and later also as owner for more than 55 years. Werner Breidenbach then made razors on his own and behalf of other companies. Today, at over 85 years of age, he is one of the last true straight razor grinders in Solingen, who has perfected this craft and has practiced his whole life.

In 2018 Werner Breidenbach celebrated a very special anniversary. In this year he worked as a razor grinder for 70 years.

In order to greatfully honor this anniversary, which is unique even among Solingen grinders, the master has issued a limited special edition.

He grinded the number of 70 individual razors from old blankets, provided them with his logo and the anniversary imprint, and mounted them in high quality scales.

The razors are delivered in an engraved wooden boxes with a certificate and a small bottle of camellia oil.

Each piece is unique and numbered in the wooden box.

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Set: Werner Breidenbach Special Edition Razor No. 30/70 + yellow green thuringiaan hone

Product no.: Set RM_WB Special Edition No. 30/70

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