Traditional grinding workshop

Welcome to our tradional historic grinding workshop!



The origins of our grinding workshop go back to 1869. At that time August Lützelberger went into business for himself as a cutler and grinder in Thuringia. Some of the tools and grinding devices in our historic grinding shop date from this time.




We still sharpen knives, scissors and everything that needs to be sharpened in the traditional way. For us, traditional does not mean out of date but rather gentle on the cutlery to be ground and as best as possible in the interests of our customers' satisfaction. We take our craft very seriously and the quality of our work is our top priority.

Knives and scissors are processed on - sometimes historical - but always professional grinding machines. Particular attention is paid to the development of heat during the grinding process. Cooling of the grinded pieces and optimal speed of the grinders are granted. Perfect sharpness of knives and scissors go along with lifetime and maintaining the optimum hardness of the blades.

Our specialty is sharpening and restoring straight razors. With us you will also find a large number of old restored 
razors as well as high-quality new straights and necessary accessories such as whetstones and whetstones.

Hope to see you soon here.

Stay sharp!