NOS Paul Drees Dreifuss 925

Product no.: RM_WB_Dreifuss_925_NOS

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NOS Paul Drees Dreifuss 925

Old stock - produced for the italian market between 1950 and 1970

Width: 6/8 - 13/16

Material: Carbon steel

Ground: bellied full hollow, very thin ground

Tip: round

Blade: gold etching

Scale Material: plastics, with inset nickel silver emblem

Guarantee letter personally signed by Werner Breidenbach!


Special feature: You can purchase this NOS razor in 2 different packaging variants:

1. NOS - packaging opened, razor checked but not sharpened - with original factory edge

2. NOS - packaging opened, razor finished with yellow-green Thuringian
With placing or after the order, please let us know which variant you would like.
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