Vintage straight razors

Here you find vintage straight razors of well know high quality producers from the past - either new old stock (NOS) or professionally restored.

Beside this I will list new straight razors of Solingen companies or one man workshops, that still produce razors handcrafted according to the traditional ways with very high quality standards.

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Superb Weltmeister Hamburg Ring gold etching 13/16

Product no.: RM_WM_02

178.90 *
In stock

NOS Paul Drees Sistrum

Product no.: RM_WB_Sistrum_NOS

189.90 **
In stock

Hugo Köller's Echte Wiener Schaber

Product no.: RM_HK_01

89.90 **
In stock

7/8 Filarmonica Doble Temple 14 - restored

Product no.: RM_JMP_03

149.50 *

Professional Razor restoration service

Product no.: Rasiermesser Restauration

In stock

15/16 Guillermo Hoppe razor

Product no.: RM_Hoppe_01

198.90 **
In stock
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